SDN Event June 2011: ASP.NET Web Pages Framework for ASP.NET developers

Last Friday saw another edition of a Software Development Network Event. A number of great sessions were on the list. I got to see Marcel de Vries’s session on combined development for Windows Phone 7, Android and iOS. I must say I was impressed with the state of tooling for Mono for Android and MonoTouch (for iOS).


My session for the SDN Event was on the ASP.NET Web Pages Framework. In it I show

  • what this new framework is,
  • how it relates to ASP.NET WebForms, MVC and WebMatrix
  • how to build applications with it
  • introduction to Razor (see also my DevDays 2011 session on “Introduction to Razor” for more information on Razor)
  • what the new concepts like “page hierarchies”, UrlData and PageData are
  • working with models and model state (and how this is different than the model from MVC)
  • automatic routing
  • some more

If you couldn’t make it, feel free to take a look at the slides and the demos. Thanks everyone who attended the session. Hopefully you found it useful.

I missed the session of Pepijn Sitter on XNA Game development for the Windows Phone 7, because he shared the timeslot with my own session. Luckily for me I had a chance to meet him before his session. We had a very enthusiastic talk on games, game development, the fun of it all and his Ms. Pacman implementation with XNA for XBox360 and Windows Phone 7. Brilliant stuff.

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