Choosing from all the great sessions at the Dutch Developer Days 2011

The organization of the Microsoft Developer Days has an outstanding reputation for selecting excellent speakers from abroad and both new and well known speakers in The Netherlands. This year I intend to go see more sessions than in previous years. It is hard to choose from all of the sessions that are listed. Instead of randomly picking from that list, I first came up with a strategy to select them. It turned out to be a criteria list that should help prioritize sessions.

  • Strategic initiative from Microsoft
    If there is a session on Windows Azure, Windows Phone or the next version of some product
  • Practice over theory
    I guess that you can go a long way by following the training kits, blogs and documentation on new platforms, frameworks and technologies. The lessons learned by using these in real-life/business scenarios is a lot harder to come by.
  • New and broad information over in-depth information (on topics that are known already)
    Learning new things gets preference over going deeper into topics I already feel comfortable with
  • Speaker  reputation
    Some speakers are a delight to go see. If none of the above make a difference or end in a tie, I will decide based on the speaker. This can be based on entertainment value, technical accuracy or experiences in the past.


Developer Days – 1

9:15 – 10:45 The easiest timeslot to choose a session: the keynote
11:05 – 12:20
  1. What’s New in SQL Server "Denali" for Developers?, Paul van Wingerden.
    New technology and I’m very rusty on the developer side of SQL Server. Catching up required.
  2. Windows Phone 7 (title to be disclosed after MIX), Ben Riga:
    Summary of WP7 as discussed at Mix 2011. Should save a lot of time viewing this session instead of the recorded videos at Channel 9
  3. MVC 3 – 101, Scott Hanselman
    Guaranteed fun and overview of MVC3 to boot
13:30 – 14:45
  1. Reactive Extensions for .NET for the Rest of Us, Mike Taulty
    Mike is an excellent speaker with loads of high-speed demos and more information than a human could handle in one hour.
  2. Windows Azure AppFabric: Building, Managing, and Connecting High-Density, Multi-Tenant Cloud Applications , Clemens Vasters
    Clemens is Mr. ServiceBus and the authority on this part of AppFabric.
  3. De Locatie Centraal met Windows Phone 7, Marco Wagemakers
    Lower on the list as Achmea is also using ArcGIS and it should be close to home.
15:05 – 16:20
  1. Produceer Betere Product Kwaliteit door Gebruik te Maken van de Ultimate Test Tools, Marcel de Vries
    It’s been a long time since I saw Marcel speak. I also need some better overview of the test tooling
  2. Taking Control of your World with the .NET Micro Framework, Rob Miles
    Great speaker who could easily have been standup comedian. I’m curious what the .NET Micro Framework will bring us in the future.
16:30 – 17:45
  1. What’s New in Silverlight 5, Jeff Prosise
    What can I say: Jeff Prosise of Windows and MFC fame to tell us about the new things in SL5. A must see.
  2. Visual Studio LightSwitch – Beyond the Basics, Beth Massi
    I saw a LightSwitch session by Stefan Kamphuis at the Dutch CodeCamp a couple of weeks ago. I looks very promising as a new tool and I want to know more about the developer potential of this tool.

Developer Days – 2

9:15 – 10:30
  1. HTML 5 – That’s What You Need to Know Today!, Ingo Rammer
    Ingo Rammer is famous for his book and knowledge on .NET Remoting. HTML 5 is going to make an impact over the next couple of years. Better not to stay behind.
  2. Identity & Access Control in the Cloud, Vittorio Bertocci
    What can I say: the next generation security combined with the cloud. If it weren’t for my involvement in a project that goes deep into claims and identity, I would go see this one.
  3. Improving Legacy .NET Code, Thomas Huijer
    Something we all have to deal with: legacy code. I wonder what Thomas’s insights are in improving this.
10:50 – 12:05
  1. Demystifying the .NET Asynchronous Programming Landscape, Bart de Smet
    Bart has been involved in Linq and other language features at the source in Redmond. This will give a great insight into the async options and the upcoming VB and C# support.
  2. Real World Architecture with ASP.NET MVC, Hadi Hariri
  3. Real World Windows Azure Development: Tips & Tricks, Wade Wegner
    Hard to choose between number 2 and 3. If it comes down to one of these, I think I’ll toss a coin. (I’ve done so before, ask Dennis)
13:15 – 14:30
  1. Windows Azure AppFabric Access Control Service: Deep Dive, Vittorio Bertocci
  2. Advanced Debugging with Visual Studio 2010, Ingo Rammer
    Just yesterday I did some low level debugging with WinDbg and DotTrace to track down a memory leak in an ASP.NET application. Ingo will be able to tell more on the topic.
14:50 – 16:05 I’ll be at my own session. Come see this if you are interested in finding out more on Razor and the Web Pages framework surrounding it.
16:15 – 17:30
  1. Developing SaaS Solutions with the Windows Azure Platform, Vittorio Bertocci
  2. Web Services Interoperability tussen WCF en Java, Edwin van Wijk en Bert Erman
  3. WCF Data Services Introductie – De Serverkant, Erno de Weerd

At the end of the conference I have no idea what I think is a nice roundup. These three seemed to come to mind. We’ll see.

Hopefully this list or the criteria will help you select from all of the sessions, if you are in doubt. Whichever way, the DevDays 2011 should be a great event. Have fun and see you there!

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