A new role: Microsoft Regional Director

Since early March I have been given a new role as Microsoft Regional Director (RD). In The Netherlands there are two positions for RD, and for the past few years Marcel de Vries and Anko Duizer have fulfilled both. Last year Anko rejoined the ranks of Microsoft and automatically stopped being an RD. August last year I was contacted by Microsoft NL to talk about the RD program. I happily accepted the invitation to become the new RD.


I’ve waited for a good moment to announce my new role and finished some other work, in order to be able to spend more time on the RD program. The appearance of the RD column that Marcel and myself wrote for the the last issue of the Dutch DotNetMagazine seemed like a good time. I am very enthusiastic about the program and the part I can play in it. I really believe that RDs can serve as an intermediate between Microsoft and the community at large (being the .NET community, end users and businesses). Very soon Marcel and myself will start building an “attack plan” to maximize the impact we can make as RDs. Stay tuned.

Next up will be a translation of the RD column in English, because I think that it explains the purpose of the Regional Director program from a different angle. I’ve named it “Regional Directors: the antennas for Microsoft and the community”.

If you are interested to read more on the Regional Director program, you can take a look at the TheRegion.com. Also, there is a nice blog post by Jeffrey Pallermo that has some frequently asked questions on “who are the Regional Directors?”.

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