StackOverflow DevDays 2009

Most of you must know the community site But did you know that StackOverflow is also organizing the StackOverflow DevDays? “A full day of inspiration and learning for developers brought to you by the team behind and FogBugz”. The day will feature speakers like Joel Spolsky, Jeff Atwood, Scott Hanselman, Jon Skeet and many others. The DevDays tours several cities in the United States, but they are also coming to Europe! Two editions of the DevDays will take place in England (London and Cambridge) and the last one is in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Not all speakers will make an appearance everywhere, so make sure you book the right edition to meet your favorite speaker.


Some details are on the Amsterdam edition still have to be determined, such as venue. I will be presenting a code-only (or very low PowerPoint) presentation on ASP.NET MVC. This presentation will be in English and I guess the others are in English as well given the expected international audience.

As soon as more details are available, I will update them here. I do know that you will have to hurry, as the seats are running out. Almost every edition in the United States is sold out. In Europe, London is sold out, while Cambridge has 45 and Amsterdam 35 seats left as the time of this blogpost.

Go book your seat now!

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