Bye Class-A, hello Achmea

Today was my last day as an employee of Class-A. Some two months ago I started talking with Achmea about a position there. We were both convinced that there would be real nice opportunities. I have decided to take them up on the offer and will be joining their ranks as an architect.

This means that I will be moving away a little from teaching and coaching of programmers. Surely I will continue teach others, but with more of a focus on the Achmea developers. This does not mean that I will disappear completely. No way. You will be seeing me at the various conferences, events and the community at large. At Achmea I will probably see a lot of new things that should give me a lot to talk and blog about (who knows I might just get a more frequent rhythm for blogging).

I have worked for exactly 4 years at Class-A and enjoyed my time there immensely. The primary reason for me to move along was a focus shift to being an architect. I have acted in that role on my last two larger projects at customers and had a lot of fun in doing that.

I will certainly miss all of my colleagues at Class-A, their wit and the discussions at our “Kennis-sessies”. Our ways will not part completely and I am convinced I will meet them ever so often. Thanks to Anko and Astrid for having me on board the past years.

In a while I hope to give an update on what I am doing at Achmea and the thing that I learned and can share with you.

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