Do you have an ASP.NET production problem?

At the end of the month I will present at the Developer Days. One of my sessions is about ASP.NET debugging in production(-like) situations. To demonstrate several tools and techniques I have prepared some cases that I encountered at various companies where I troubleshooted applications. I thought it might also be nice to present some other situations where people are or have been struggling to find a bug or solve a production problem.

Do you have a production problem or solved one? This could manifesting itself like so:

  • weird and slow response times (not performance related)
  • “hanging” pages that seem to have unexplainable wait times
  • memory leaks
  • crashing application pools or unexpected restarts


I know the following might be a long shot, but who knows. In case you’re interested, send me your details and see if we can work something out to have me investigate your problem. As is nearly always the case there are some rules and limitations to this offer:

  1. No guarantees that I will find your bug or solve the problem
  2. You should be comfortable with me investigating your applications. I will probably not need your source code, but chances are you need to give me your dump files. These will also contains a lot of information about your application.
  3. If I can solve the case, I might want to show it at the Developer Days. Obviously in a simplified situation to isolate the problem or bug and without any ties to your source or dump.

So, to summarize: if you have an ASP.NET production problem (works on your dev machine, but not on the test or production server) and weren’t able to fix it yourself and found no one who could, why not drop me a mail (athissen AT killer-apps DOT nl) and find out if I can make the difference. I will make sure you get details on retrieving information that helps on tracking down potential problems. If you’ve got any situations you were able to solve that give a nice demo, I would love to hear about it as well.

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