Developer Days 2008 slides and demos

Geek Night

imageThis year’s Developer Days in Amsterdam RAI went by as fast as all the previous years. I enjoyed it, again, as usual. I have the feeling that I met just about anybody that I know in the Dutch IT world. And, I got to have a nice long breakfast and walk/talk with David Platt, discussing Prism, UI related things (check his book on Composite UI Application Block (CAB)and Smart Client Software Factory (SCSF)) and family business.

This year I did a talk on the ASP.NET Model View Controller Framework. Still in development, but looking very promising as an alternative to WebForms. If you are interested, go check out and find the source code and binaries to the MVC Framework right there. Or, you could download my slides and demos.

N.B.: if you download the slides, you will get more than just the slides that I showed during my talk. There are about 5 additional slide packed with information, such as ActionFilter, TempData, view engines and community related efforts regarding MVC Framework. And, to top it off, two slides with resources and notes to accompany some of the slides. Here are some errata to the slides: it said: a controller action is a method with public void signature. This was true for ASP.NET MVC Preview 2, but not for the latest build, where the signature must be a public method returning an ActionResult derived object.

The demo that I wrote is a collection of techniques and constructs that you can use with MVC, such as

  • Loose and strong typed views
  • Custom ViewData classes
  • Unity Inversion of Control container and its corresponding ControllerFactory from the MVCContrib project
  • Unit test that make use of the Moq mocking framework
  • and much more…

This year of DevDays had its first ‘Geek night’ where we could stop pretending that we aren’t nerds/geeks. Some are more nerd than others. I spent part of the evening with Frans Bouma and Dennis van der Stelt, but lost them when they started talking about the ‘Demo scene‘.

At the Geek night I participated in a one-on-one IT-boxing match with Dennis Vroegop to discuss Linq. Dennis was opponent (as in didn’t like it), myself proponent. It even got some coverage on right here. The funny thing was that Dennis did a very good job pretending to dislike Linq (while he really does like it). In fact so much that someone of the audience came up to him after the show and asked him: “I thought you liked Linq, what happened?”. Anyway, Linq won by a landslide, obviously. Didn’t have to do much about it; the audience worked with me to completely defeat Dennis. Thanks. Dennis got a red card by referee Hassan Fadili, got thrown off the stage and is facing suspension of a couple of IT-boxing matches.

Update: All slides of the DevDays can be found here.

Update2: Just noticed this piece of text at the Microsoft site:
Onder het motto ‘Bring your ideas to life’  beogen de DevDays 2008 ontwikkelaars te inspireren met aansprekende sessies en showcases over het .NET Framework 3.5, Visual Studio 2008, ASP.NET Ajax en 2007 Microsoft Office system. Hiervoor komen sprekers van wereldformaat, onder wie Ingo Rammer, Daniel Moth, Rob Miles, Alex Thissen en Anko Duizer naar Amsterdam. Ook wordt ingegaan op de toepassing van de huidige Microsoft-technologieën in de praktijk. Er is bovendien ruime gelegenheid om ideeën uit te wisselen met sprekers, collega-ontwikkelaars en andere Microsoft-specialisten.
I guess I have to reevaluate my selfesteem. 😉

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