Urban Terror

For all you First Person Shooter lovers out there: have you ever taken a look at Urban Terror? If not you should definitely check it out.


Urban Terror is a Quake 3 modification that is available freely. All in all it is a 600 MB download if you do not own Quake 3 or have Quake 3 itself installed. But, after that it is XCOPY deployment and play.

During the Class-A .NET 3.5 Summer Class one of the participants (Stef, who also did a remarkable presentation on the Dynamic Language Runtime) introduced us to this game. It is similar to Counter-Strike in the use of weapons, but it has different teamplay options. You can do a Team Deathmatch or Capture The Flag style games. There’s a whole slew of maps available and seem to appeal to everyone.

th_Austria-2 th_shot0012

So what are you waiting for? Go grab the bits right here.

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