Speaking at Developer Days 2007

On June 13th and 14th I will be speaking at the Developer Days 2007 in Amsterdam, together with a lot of renowned national and international speakers. My talk is entitled “Applied Linq” and will cover Linq beyond the basics and give an impression of how Linq can be applied in “everyday” situations.

In particular I want to explain what makes Linq work. There is a lot of confusion as to how Linq and the new language compilers of C# 3.0 and VB.NET 9.0 work. When you know how the compiler operates and take away the magic and hype around Linq you get a better picture of what it is about. What I find is critical is an understanding of the two models that Linq offers: an in-memory model based on iterators and a model with expression trees. Both of these offer deferred execution, but in a total different way. You should know which is being used when you apply Linq, as in Linq to XML or Linq to SQL in your scenario. So, I will give a couple of examples of how to use Linq and do an analysis of what model is being used.

I haven’t really decided on the demos that I want to do, but I think that these are likely candidates:

  • Merging of MSN history files: Linq to Objects and Linq to XML
    This is where I merge different directories with multiple XML-based MSN history files into a single file per contact.

  • Programming WCF at the channel level with raw Message objects.
    Shows how you can retrieve data from Linq to SQL and create the body of the Message with Linq to XML service side. At the client the Message is distilled with Linq to XML again.

Got any ideas for specific applications of Linq? Drop me a line.

BTW1: Anko and I were supposed to do a duo-presentation of Microsoft Robotics Studio and Lego Mindstorms, but the session seems to have disappeared from the radar. I’ll keep you posted if it returns on the schedule.

BTW2: somehow the organization managed to dig up an old picture of Anko, who is doing a talk on the Rules engine of Workflow Foundation. Take a look here, but be warned: not for the faint of heart.

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