New things for WCF and WF and plans for after Orcas

Before we get to the point that WCF+WF Orcas (Silver) is released, some other WCF and WF related releases might see the day of light.

There is the WCF LOB Adapter SDK, allowing you to speed up your development on custom channels, such as to a SAP server. I found that Sonu Arora has an entire blog full of postings on this adapter SDK. The SDK offers loads of stuff to build custom WCF adapters for existing applications and systems. It should be released around the US TechEd, which is mid 2007.

BTW, BizTalk Server 2006 R2 beta2 also has a set of WCF adapters for BTS 2006. More info here.

Finally, there is the BPEL support for Workflow, that already is out as a CTP. Check out Paul Andrew‘s blog and the postings here and here on the new BPEL activities. It is currently available as a March 2007 CTP (not the Orcas one, though) right here.

What is going to happen after Silver in the Orcas release has made it to RTM?

The release after Silver is called Orcas+1. The team is currently investigating new transport channels:

  • UDP transport.
  • Fast in-process transport. There is a focus on in-AppDomain transport, where you can pass object references around.

If I find out other plans for Orcas+1, I will certainly update this post.

Side note: Justin Smith told me that Microsoft internally refers to the “Alaska build” for products or releases that are way out or have no release date in the near future. The joke is that the codenames refer to geographical entities that slowly move to the north. You get it, right?

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