Off to Redmond: WCF+WF in Orcas Deep Dive training

Tomorrow I’ll leave for Microsoft, Redmond for an in-depth training on WCF and WF in Orcas training event.

Paul Andrew blogged with an invitation to come join the Deep Dive training in Redmond. I applied and got invited. The training will focus on a lot of the new stuff in .NET FX 3.5, and will cover:

  • Workflow enabled services (WF +WCF)

  • WF / WCF Performance

  • Durable Services

  • Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO) & SharePoint hosted workflow

  • HTTP Programming Model

  • Mobile Communication in .NET 3.5

  • Syndication

  • LINQ

  • WCF AJAX Support

  • Connected Systems Futures

  • Workflow Driven User Interface

  • ADO.NET Entity Framework

The ones in bold have my particular attention, but I am happy with any of them. Given the title of the training, I assume an emphasis will be made on the integration of WCF and WF.

The training will take place in the Platform Adoption Center, located in Building 20 at the Microsoft campus. Scott Guthrie once gave a Channel9 introduction to the building and its purpose, giving a good inside look and overview of what you might expect there (e.g., an XBox room, yeaaah!).

Of course, I’ll be blogging as much as possible, and then some more for the materials not under NDA. I suspect not, because most of it is already in the March 2007 CTP of Orcas.

If anyone reading this is in Redmond from 10-12th of April 2007 and wants to meet up, grab a bite of food, do contact me.

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