The Office meets Microsoft

During our Microsoft Solutions Framework training here at Class-A we discussed some movies and series over lunch. A pretty common subject, but this time The Office was mentioned. The Office is a British production of the BBC and is a “real-life” documentary on an Office of a paper manufacturing/selling company. It is a really funny series, that ran for 2 seasons and had a follow-up (plus happy ending) with two Christmas specials.


One of the main characters is David Brent, an arrogant and conceited guy, that makes you blush for the stupid, ridiculous and unbelievable things that he does (aka vicarious shame, like our dictionary says). The actor Ricky Gervais has a whole website of his You can see some clips here (preparing to impress a female interviewee) and here to get a feeling of his doings.

The main reason I am posting this, is that the star of the series, David Brent also has two clips of him appearing as an expert in an interview conducted by Microsoft UK!. See part one and part two.

Have fun.

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