Fun with Microsoft Speech

The other day my friend Remco and I were working on the Ventrilo protocol and had need for a little laugh. The Ventrilo client uses the Text-To-Speech of Windows to speak out loud chat messages. Remco knew some funny things you could make the speech engine say.

You can have some fun as well. Open Microsoft Speech from the Control Panel and select the Text-to-Speech tab.

Switch to the Microsoft Sam voice and paste the texts below into the textbox marked Use the following text to preview the voice. Hit the Preview Voice button and listen to what you hear (preferably on a boring Friday afternoon).

  • I have a sprinkler. It goeststststststststststststststttttttttttttttttstststststststststststststttttttttttttttt

  • And my helicopter goes dfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfdfe

The first one should NOT have a space after goes.

Side note: notice how you can paste formatted text into this textbox and how it goes all upset afterwards.

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