Is Linq to SQL here to stay?

A couple of days ago the October 2006 CTP of Visual Studio Orcas appeared. Loads of people blogged about it appearing, but I get the impression not a lot of people actually played with it.

In the meantime Pablo Castro from the ADO.NET data team just posted on their weblog that:

Also, since the ADO.NET Entity Framework is in the Orcas builds, we don’t need the generic “vNext” token for it; from now on we’ll refer to it simply as ADO.NET Orcas, which will include the ADO.NET Entity Framework and LINQ to ADO.NET in its various flavors (LINQ to DataSet, LINQ to SQL and LINQ to Entities).

Note the red part: apparently Linq to SQL is here to stay for the moment. :O
This is kind of shocking to me, as I suspected that Linq to SQL would get “bypassed” by the much more powerful Linq to Entities in combination with the ADO.NET Entity Framework.

I think I should probably post on the characteristics of Linq to SQL versus Linq to Entities + ADO.NET Entity Framework. Before that you can read a bit about that on .NET Addicts blog. Mind you, read the comments as well, because the feature table listed is not entirely correct. 

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