Improve visual with ClearType

A couple of days ago I downloaded the ClearType PowerToy to see if the readability of Windows on my laptop and TFT screen could be improved. The theory of ClearType is that it will anti-alias your fonts, so that the transitions from black to white are smoother, and more natural curves can be achieved.

The PowerToy consists of a Control Panel add-in that allows you to enable ClearType, but also finetune some characteristics. The LCD screen striping can be set (in case you have some weird LCD screen) and the contrast of the ClearType. To make it a little easier, you can also run a Wizard that let’s you pick the best of several options. There’s even a webpage that uses an ActiveX to do the same.

I’m not totally convinced on the positive effect of ClearType for desktop PC’s yet. (I totally dig it for my Pocket PC). It definitely takes some getting used to. The fonts seem a little more fuzzy when you have tired eyes. We’ll see. Go check it for yourself.

And Frans, did you know that bouma is a typographical synonym for a word shape? Read the piece on Word Recognition. 😉

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