Fixing problems with VS.NET 2003, VS2005 and building MSI files

Just had this problem: when I try to do a build of my VS.NET 2003 solution I also build 3 MSI files. These gave me the following error message:

Error 1706.An installation package for the product Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team Suite – ENU cannot be found. Try the installation again using a valid copy of the installation package ‘vs_setup.msi’.

This is due to a prompt for the original source of the product installer, in this case VS2005. It has something to do with the installer cache that is not correct. You can read more on Heath Stewart’s blog is this article on Resolving prompts for Source.

Executing the line below helped me fix the problem. But read on before going to a command prompt, though!

msiexec /fvomus {1862162E-3BBC-448F-AA63-49F33152D54A} /l*v vs8_repair.log

You might need to replace the guid with the correct product ID. You can get it from the Event Viewer in the warning prior to the error. It should read something like this:

Detection of product ‘{1862162E-3BBC-448F-AA63-49F33152D54A}’, feature ‘Visual_Studio_Ent_Suite’ failed during request for component ‘{FD153241-37EC-11D2-8892-00A0C981B015}’

Pick the first guid and replace it in the msiexec call. Here are two to get you started:
VS2005 Team Suite ENU: {1862162E-3BBC-448F-AA63-49F33152D54A}
VS2005 Pro ENU: {437AB8E0-FB69-4222-B280-A64F3DE22591}

Hope this helps.

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