RAD Race 2006 results: Class-A finishes 4th

A while ago I blogged about Class-A participating in the RAD Race 2006. The team that spent two days in a too small room with about 25 other people consisted of Dennis van der Stelt and myself.

We had to wait quite a while to get the results, but they were announced today at the Database Systems 2006 conference in Leiden, The Netherlands. We finished 4th!

Here is the top 6 out of 15 competitors (7 through 15 weren’t mentioned):

  1. CrossmarX
  2. Transfer Solutions: Ruby team
  3. Servoy
  4. Class-A
  5. Xebia
  6. Transfer Solutions: Oracle team

Some noteworthy facts about these results:

  • The winning team scored about 2/3 of the points that could be won.
  • Second team had only 1/2 of the points.
  • We were the highest scoring Microsoft technologies based team, ever.

Congratulations to the winners CrossmarX, a young and nice 4-people company who have a JDK 1.5 based implementation. We had a good long talk. They really deserve first place. And kudos go to Frans Bouma, creator of LLBLGen Pro, the n-tier generator and O/R mapper. He was kind enough to provide us with a license for his tool, so we could use that for the race. (Paul, your O/R mapper next time?)

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