Participating in RAD Race 2006

My future colleague at Class-A Dennis van der Stelt (three weeks and counting down) and myself will be the two developers participating in the Rapid Application Development race 2006, now called Development Tools 2006. Did you know this Dennis? :P.

The idea behind the RAD race is that a team will build a Windows or Web application that is administrative in nature. This has to be done as fast as possible. Surely there will be changing requirements during the race to spice things up a little. The teams can roll in any hard- and software that they like. Most of these are “3rd party” development tools (i.e. not the mainstream ones) or 4-GL tools. It seems that we are the only Microsoft .NET team to take on the challenge.

If you are interested you can read the description of the RAD race, right here in Dutch. 

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