Class on SODA

When your application needs to grow, you can start scaling up (bigger, better hardware) and out. For scaling-out you have several choices, and one of the latest trends is to also partition the databases and the data processing. A possible approach is using a Service Oriented Database Architecture (SODA). SQL Server 2005 has loads of capabilities that facility creating a SODA with it. This includes reliable event-driven active database model instead of the traditional session-based connected communication model. Just think of the options and possibilities that the Service Broker and the web service support of SQL2005 has to offer. But how do these technologies work and how do you apply them?

As it happens, SQLSkills (home of Kimberly Tripp and Bob Beauchemin) has a training on SODA and SQL Server 2005. This training will be held in Woerden, The Netherlands from November 21st till 25th. Class-A has partnered with SQLSkills to bring this exclusive class shortly after the launch of SQL Server 2005.

Normally I don’t like to shamelessly plug for these kinds of things. Why did I put this up then?

  • I was impressed by the SQL Server 2005 knowledge of Bob when I followed the pre-conference at SQL Pass.
  • The number of seats is limited to 20. But, you can read it here first, even before the mailing list is sent out.

So, if you are interested, send a mail to and apply for the class. You are guaranteed a place (Astrid Hackenberg’s word for it).

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