Champions finishes second at Networkingday

Last weekend Champions eSports Association visited the well-known Dutch LAN Networkingday/Club3D Evolution. It is famous for the level of the Counter-Strike clans that come to this event. The European top-5 clan Incredible Teamaction (clanIT) came all the way from Denmark to try and take home the first prize of the tournament.

In the winner bracket final Champions played against ClanIT and beat them hard with an amazing 16-5 victory on de_inferno.

We met them again in the grand-final. There were lots of problems during the final: a network crash twice (a giga-switch went down) and lots of stress from the heat and ClanIT that had to catch a plane. Unfortunately ClanIT was the better of us on de_inferno (16-11) and de_dust2 (16-7). We still finished on a well deserved second spot.

On the picture from left to right: LX (that’s me), luce, r0y, xyLo, MasterMe, m!nto, Apollo, some dork from the organisation (he wasn’t as funny as he thought he would be) and the CEO of Club3D.

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