Mixed feelings on keynotes sessions

Shame on me, but this was my first ever keynote session on a TechEd (even though I have been to 5 TechEds before). I did see the keynote of the Professional Developer Conference (PDC) in 2003. That one rocked. It was aweome to see Bill Gates mock himself in a documentary style clip of about 15 minutes. The entire session was great with Don Box and Chris Anderson demoing Avalon.

Even though this was my first TechEd keynote, I had a feeling that this year’s keynote wasn’t a great one. Don’t get me wrong: it was a professional session, with good speakers and working demos. (Especially the load test demo of SQL Server 2000 vs 2005 looked amazing (even though it could be all fake and just a big Flash animation)). But the sketches of the “real world” (the one I am so desperately pursuing) with a it-worker, it-pro and developer didn’t have that. You know, the magic that makes it work. It seems that after last years TechEd with the session of “The Suit, the Nerd and the Fortune Teller” putting three people on stage was a guarantee to success. Alas, it wasn’t. Besides from that, I believe that most keynotes are too much marketing anyway.

Never mind; it was an hour and a half well spent. Incredible how 7.500 it-professionals and developers are drawn to that single session room and watch the opening of what promisses to be yet another remarkable TechEd.

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