Champions off to Electronic Sports World Cup

In the first weekend of June the Electronic Sports World Cup qualifier was held in the “Beurs van Berlage” in Amsterdam. Great place to have a LAN tournament. Champions eSports Association was there and seeded first. We also won the qualifier pretty easily.

That means that we get to go to the ESWC finals in Paris, France. The tournament will be played from tomorrow till saturday inside (!) the Louvre. Why, o why, did this have to be the exact same week as the TechEd? 😦

Never mind. My co-manager Juvenile and the players (xyLo, xire, r0y, MasterMe and m!nto) are there already and will start playing matches tomorrow. They have been training pretty hard over the last couple of weeks. I just read at Gamelux (Dutch) that we don’t have a seeding. Read more right here. We’ll have to battle ourselves through to the second group stage against a higher, middle and a lower seeded team. In total there is a whopping $120,000 to be won, with $40,000 for the winner. Sweet!

I’ll let you know more on how we are doing over there.

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