4 year itch

The day before yesterday was my last day at Twice IT Training. I worked there for nearly 4 years and did a lot of training and a little coaching. Alas, time has come for me to move on. I started at Class-A yesterday and dove right into what I was aiming for when accepting this position: field-work.

The main reason for switching jobs was the fact that I missed being in contact with the “real world” of software development. When you teach Microsoft courses long enough, you’ll start living in a make-believe world where everything is MS-goodness. To put it another way, like my ex-colleague Jeroen Hartsuiker used to say it: “We preach from the bible, but when people go home, they read the newspaper. Then it turns out that not everything is as beautiful as we told them it would/should be”.

So, I’ll be working with Anko Duizer, Astrid Hackenberg and Frits Ankersmit and you might meet me at conferences (again) but with a different shirt. More on my fabulous adventures later.

Twice, thanks for having me! Special thanks to all software development trainers, in particular Henk, Leonard, Annette, Brand, Ernst, Johan and Willem and most importantly Jeroen, my partner in crime. And also big thank-you to Patrick Janssen, who opened up a lot of doors for me at Microsoft.

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