New certifications for SQL Server 2005 and Visual Studio 2005

Microsoft Learning has announced brand new certifications for the 2005 versions of SQL Server and Visual Studio. They have taken a new approach with Credentials and Certification.

Credential area: Identifies the series of certification achieved. There are three to choose from:

  1. Technology: targets specific technologies which the specialist must be able to implement and troubleshoot/debug
  2. Professional: Specialist demonstrates a skillset needed for a particular job role, consisting of design, deployment management, operations management, and planning
  3. Architect: you probably already read about Microsoft Certified Architect

I think there is an error in this picture, and that the yellow box should be Architect Series.

Certification area: Identifies the area of expertise the professional has achieved. For now Microsoft has these working titles (actual names will be announced at Worldwide Partner Conference on 7th of July, 2005):

  • Enterprise Application Developer
  • Web Developer
  • Windows Developer

This also explains it pretty well (taken from the Partner site):

“As an analogy, you can think of this model as similar to the academic model, where students achieve a Bachelor, Masters or PHD degree. The level of achievement and status is signaled by those credentials. For each of these, students also need to specialize in different areas. The credential/certification approach allows for individuals to distinguish their level of achievement and area of specialization in an easy way.”

You can read more about all of this at the following link, but it is only available to partners of Microsoft. So I’ll definitely be visiting the Training and Certification stand at the TechEd. They should know all about it. My past visits to their stand were always very informative, ranging from info on new exams and invitations to beta exams, to a look at the new Microsoft Official Curriculum courseware.

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