Joining the ranks of the Dutch TechEd bloggers

During my sessions of the MSDN FastTrack Web Seminars at the Microsoft Technology Centre in Barneveld, The Netherlands I met up with Martien van Steenbergen. He asked me whether I wanted to blog on the upcoming TechEd 2005 in Amsterdam.

“Sure, I’d love to”. I’ve done that before. You might recall my daily reports from TechEd 2003 in Barcelona. If you haven’t read them, here’s is a link to the articles as they were published on the Software Developer Network site (in Dutch and you have to register (for free)).

Anyway, I’ll be joining the big blogging names of the Dutch blogging community. The complete list:

I’ve dubbed myself with Enterprise, as I will be trying to focus on distributed enterprise scale development, ranging from topics like Indigo, ASP.NET (Web Services) to Enterprise Server products.

And for your convenience, I’ve composed a OPML list of the bloggers mentioned above. You can import this opml file into your favorite feed aggregator. If you are unfamiliar on how to do that, search for something called Import or OPML feed in the menus and dialogs. Otherwise drop me a comment or send a mail.

Update: Paul Gielens contacted me and I’ve added him to the OPML list. Paul will be covering Indigo and Web Services.

More Update: Sander has a separate weblog for TechEd related thingies. I’ve updated the OPML list again.

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