New casing convention

Up until now there are two common casing conventions around:

  • camelCasing:
    Every word cased according to this convention starts with a lower letter and every part of the word that can be considered a new section uses a capital for better readability.
    E.g. whateverMakesYourClockTick
  • PascalCasing:
    Same as camelCasing, except that the first letter of the word is a capital as well.
    E.g. CannotMentionWhatTicksMyClock
    This casing is also known as InitCapsCamelCasing

According to the programmers at Van Loon IT, there is a new trend evolving in casing land:


Brezah casing uses alternating lower letters and capitals. Normal brezah casing starts with a lower letter, whereas the InItCaPsBrEzAhCaSiNg uses an initial capital.

This form of casing is especially popular amongst Breezer drinking female MSN crowd, but it might just makes it’s way into .NET land as the new casing convention.

If I’ve got some spare time left, I’ll come up with a Visual Studio .NET macro that will change the selected text into bReZaHcAsInG.

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