Even more on Tools, tips, and so on

Finally, on the last slide I mention some smaller tools.

  • VSConvert: let’s you convert the files of solutions and projects, from version 7.0 to 7.1 and back. Especially the latter is very handy. You don’t have to do the manual edits anymore.
  • Regulator: play around with regular expressions. It’s so cumbersome to do that while debugging, you might want to do that in this environment.
  • RemoveSCCInfo: whenever you give some your source code, that is under source code control (Visual SourceSafe, e.g.), the other person cannot open this if they do not have access to the repository. You will have to manually remove all files (*.vssscc and such) plus a number of references in the project and solution files. Not very nice. Enter RemoveSCC-Information (you could have written it yourself, but it’s there for you to use). Check the dialog. LOL. There is even a new and improved version here.
  • Web Developer Accessories: even though it says it’s for IE 5.0, you can use this in 6.0+ as well. It gives several new context menu options in IE. The one I use most is when I want to view a piece of a webpage in source view. Normally you would go View, Source, giving you the source code for the entire page. Now you have to look where your bit of page is located. And even worse, if you happen to use Dynamic HTML, you will never see the source code for the HTML that has been dynamically generated. Except when using View Partial Source from the meny. It will reconstruct (D)HTML for you that is very close to the original. Not exactly (e.g. some quotes might be missing), but certainly good enough for tracing errors.
  • MetaEdit: Allows you to edit the metabase from IIS 5.1 and below. Can be very useful when it contains some errors or misconfigured websites or virtual directories.
  • XSL Output Viewer: Similar to View Partial Source, it gives you the ability to view the source for client-side XSL transformed XML in Internet Explorer. Also has a tool for right-click validation of XML files (DTD and XDR Schemas only).

For those of you interested, here is one and another article on XML Documentation. They were previously published by the Visual Basic Group. Take a look at their site.

The presentation slides can be downloaded from the Microsoft site shortly. If you can’t wait, post a comment and I will mail it to you. After it appears on the DevDays site I will also put it up for download here.

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