Tools, tips and tricks for the .NET Developer

At the Developer Days there’s a sponsor track during the lunch break. Just 30 minutes worth of talks, but it should be great fun. The last two years I’ve covered .NET Remoting and ObjectSpaces for the Twice IT sponsor track. This year I’ve chosen “Tools, tips and tricks for the .NET Developer” as the theme. You’ll probably get enough .NET 2.0 stuff at DevDays anyways, so I thought of something light and easy for during lunch (side note: and there should still be time for me to join up with the lot of you (Paul, Dennis and others)).

What will I mention: all the tips and tricks and free tools that I know of, use myself and think that a .NET developer should know about and cannot live without. Some of the tools I’ll mention and demo:

  • Reflector
  • Process Explorer
  • Proxy Trace
  • Debug View

For tips and tricks I am going to show (amongst other things):

  • Dragging queries from a database project onto a Database reference
  • Generate SQL Scripts for databases from Server Explorer
  • Some keyboard shortcuts
  • Visual Basic project tweaking (removing Imports and root namespace from project settings)
  • Loads of other things

Perhaps you have some tips and tricks or tools that you want to share with the rest of us. These are so welcome. If you let me, I’ll show them during the session (and get your name mentioned as well).

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