Dutch ASP.NET Developers Game

IS Interned Services has started a developers game today together with Microsoft and Twice IT Training. You can read all about it here, but it’s in Dutch since it is targeted for Dutch developers and companies. There are great prizes to be won, ranging from free training budget to a complete Media Centre PC and XBox machines.

The main idea of the game is that you show, using an existing or newly build web application, that using ASP.NET has loads of advantages over other, similar technologies. Initially you need to send in a description of your project. Once selected as a potential winner, you are invited to present the application and it’s source code. Don’t worry about your intellectual property: you may, but are not required to send in a copy of the source code. Everything will be handled discretely.

Your entries will be judged on a number of things, by all of the three jury members. Because I am one of the jury members, I might as well tell you what some of the things are that I will be looking at:

  • Maintainability of the solution and it’s source code and the way versioning is handled in the application.
  • Documentation of the source code and architecture
  • Modularity and reusability of the code components
  • Design of the application and it’s architecture.
  • Easy of deployment
  • Scalability of the entire application

I know: these are all very general topics, but let’s be honest: a good web application will have a proper score on any of those items mentioned, plus probably a lot of other areas.

We’ll, I hope to see your entries coming in. You have until the 1st of May 2005 to send them in. If you have any questions, feel free to ask the guys at IS.

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