Handy keyboard shortcuts (in case you don’t know already)

Talking to Jeroen Mak at Van Loon IT, we exchanged (yet again) some handy keyboard shortcuts. I assume you know most of these already, but in case you don’t: I thought you should hear these. I use them a LOT.

ÿ + D: Show desktop and press again to restore windows
             (essentially the same as ÿ + M and ÿ + SHIFT + M)
ÿ + Break: System Properties
ÿ + L: Lock computer
ÿ + R: Run dialog (usually a lot faster than going through Programs in Start menu)
ÿ + S: If you have OneNote installed allows to take a screen capture
ÿ + E: Windows Explorer (I still see a lot of people use Rightclick on Start button and choose Explore All Users. Quite yuckie, because this will put you inside the All Users start menu subfolder)

CTRL+SHIFT+ESC: Task manager

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