New beta for NDoc available

The Open Source project NDoc has released a second beta for the 1.3 release of their documenting tool for Visual Studio .NET XML comment files. The beta can be downloaded from the NDoc websitehere.

The new release features (amongst others) the following new things:

  • Support for the ObsoleteAttribute and FlagsAttribute, that will generate more automatic documentation if present on your types.
  • New NDoc specific XML comment tags. Apart from <note>, <event> and <overloads>, there are now <exclude> (to exclude public or protected members from documentation), <preliminary> (which shows the message
    [This is preliminary documentation and subject to change.]
    and <threadsafety> (to indicate thread safety information for the type).
  • An extensibility feature that allows you to define your own custom tags and perform custom formatting of the documentation.

I will be posting some more on documentation in the next couple of days. Stay tuned.

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