Undocumented BIOS feature of Dell Latitude D600

If you are only looking for the BIOS feature: Alt+E, Alt+F will reset your BIOS of your Dell Latitude D600 laptop to factory settings. It might work for other types as well. There you have it. No need to read on, unless you want to know how inefficient Dell works.


Today my new Dell Latitude laptop has been fixed. It had a malfunctioning Bluetooth module. Yesterday a Dell service engineer came by to solve my USB problem. At least, that was what he thought. I had been talking to the technical helpdesk of Dell last Friday. Helpdesk and I both concluded that the “unrecognized USB device” was in actuality the Bluetooth module, that uses an USB slot internally. So the guy replaced my entire motherboard to notice that Bluetooth was “not installed“. Í had been away for an errand, and came back at the exact same time of his conclusion. “Could have told you so,” is what I could have said. Anyway, this Bluetooth thingie is a 1 by 2 cm large printboard, that is pushed inside of a corner of the laptop. He didn’t have one on him, so another service engineer came by today. He also replaced the motherboard, and the Bluetooth module. Talk about a waste of materials. If only the helpdesk guy had made a better report, it all would have been a lot simpler. And even then, replacing a perfectly working motherboard twice. Go figure! Did get to see the undocumented keyboard shortcut for a BIOS reset though.


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