Storm at Zakynthos

September of last year, Nicole and I were spending our holidays in Zakynthos, a Greek island. We were also diving there. The third day that we were there, a big tornado/hurricane (whatever the appropriate meteorological term) hit the diving school. Since I had my water proof casing for my video camera with my I was able to film quite a lot of the event. I even created a little movie (my first, so no laughing at the editing, please). Thought I might as well share it.

About midway through we had to go inside because the winds were too hard. It passed right over the diving school and ripped most of the buildings there apart, except for the one where we were taking shelter. When it says “Na de storm” (after the storm, translated), we walk outside and see the devastation. If you take a look at the water, you can still see the funnel dying out at the sea, where it moved after it hit the school. An even closer look will reveal a Samsonite case floating at the water. It’s ours! It was taking up in the air and thrown about 200 meters into the sea. We never found it, even though it seemed to have survived the trip.

We spent the better part of the day collecting all materials, such as BCDs (Buoyancy Control Device, aka floating jacket) from the vicinity. We had fun collecting stuff from the sea. In the end I even found one of my sandels back, still floating around the sea. Go figure. 

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