Localization in ASP.NET

If you have worked on localization of website you have probably done your fair share of:

  • Setting System.Threading.Thread.CurrentCulture and CurrentUiCulture to the desired CultureInfo, retrieved from Request.UserLanguages
  • Getting the resources from the ResourceManager using GetString and GetObject and adjusting the properties of controls

If not, go read Michelle Leroux‘s article on MSDN and visit her .NET Dashboard resources site.

Microsoft has also released an Enterprise Localization Toolkit some time ago. This uses a SQL Server database to keep all localized resources from every application in the enterprise. It has really nice ideas, but is a little bloated and particularly unuseful if you do not have SQL Server at your disposal.

I was wondering, since there is not that much that I could find in a Google session and on the popular sites, how you guys and girls do your localization of ASP.NET applications. I would love to hear.

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