Visual and Sharp Storms

Microsoft has been handing out this DVD “Software and Web Engineering in Microsoft .NET environment“ containing all sessions of Microsoft Research in their Microsoft .NET Crash Course 4 at Cambridge University. One of these sessions was on a .NET implementation for Lego Mindstorms, called Visual Storms and Sharp Storms. A really nice idea. Read on.

Most of the implementations for the Programmable Brick (PBrick) of Lego Mindstorms are creating a new Operating System, such as LegOS. The .NET implementation uses the factory-installed OS and builds regular .NET assembly. The cool trick is that they have a library SharpStorms that compiles IL code into Lego bytecode. So, essentially you can use any .NET language to program the brick. This is a different approach from languages such as NQC (NotQuiteC) that have their own compiler, especially for the PBrick.

If you are interested in finding out more on Visual Storms and Sharp Storms, go here. Thanks to Jeroen Hartsuiker for finding this. He has already built some nice stuff, such as a plotter, which you can view as a movie here.

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