Flame wars and some good ideas on ObjectSpaces

Ah yes, the heated discussions that I thought would occur are now raging through the blogosphere. To read some (quite funny) flaming go here on Robert McLaws blog. And here is some more discussion at Jesse Ezell’s blog.

The remark/idea/suggestion that is totally in my line of hopes and expectations is the one made by Scott Watermasysk: why not create an ObjectSpaces Application Block? It is sort of what I suggested in the comments of my previous post on ObjectSpaces: put the current code (which should be in a further state than the reasonably stable CTP March bits) in a GotDotNet workspace and let the community complete, maintain and bugfix this code. That way we would have a powerful implementation with all the ObjectSpaces goodness. The efforts of the OS team so far would not go to waste. I think OS is pretty feature complete, so why not?

But Scott’s idea is even better: not just any GotDotNet workspace, but one as an ObjectSpaces Application Block (OSAB). I believe that Ron Jacobs once told me that these blocks are tested by Microsoft QA and maintained (and I thought even with support). And once they reach maturity, they leave GotDotNet again and end up at Microsoft Patterns and Practices. If I am mistaken on the AB’s let me know.

Call me a sissy, but I’ll let the fanatics work out their discussions. In the meantime I’ll try my best to get an OSAB born. A beginning has just been made. To be continued

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