Word is out: ObjectSpaces to be merged with WinFS

Exciting news: ObjectSpaces will be merged with WinFS!

The URL that I was giving was slightly off: go to http://msdn.microsoft.com/data/ to read all about.

Although there were many guesses on what the news would be nobody really hit the spot.

My first impressions on this are twofold:

  1. The API will be tightly integrated into Longhorn and therefore become an integral part of the operating system. This makes it even more important in my view than the previous scenario of an “add-on” to ADO.NET.
  2. It’s a delay for even longer than “shortly after Whidbey“.

From my email exchanges with Andrew Conrad I was giving this extra information as well:

“Basically, we are merging ObjectSpaces and WinFS into an unified O/R mapping API and framework for Longhorn.  This means the OS API will change significantly and that it will be delayed until Longhorn.  However, most of the POCO scenarios are deemed valuable and will be supported.“

To read a bit more on his views on POCO (Plain Old CLR Objects) go read this and this on his weblog.

So the API will change a lot. I fear that there will be no release of the code as it stands today. This will probably be good news (is it?) to the builders of O/R mapping technologies, because the time-gap between now and Longhorn will have to be bridged.

My questions to you all are: what do you think of this announcement? I know there must be people out there that have very explicit ideas and feelings on this.

One important question I have myself: how does the WinFS picture fit with SQL Server 2005? I feel that ObjectSpaces as an O/R mapper has a certain place for developers when it comes to generalizing your DAL to a relational datastore. Although WinFS is moving in that direction, it still seems that SQL Server serves a slightly/hugely different purpose.

Also, keep your eyes on Andrew’s weblog, as he will be posting additional information on ObjectSpaces and WinFS (probably today as well. But I may have lost a little credibility on release times of news 😉 ).

Comments are welcome. Fire ahead.

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