ObjectPersistor code

Yesterday, during the MSDN Briefings in Zwolle I met with Walther Siksma of PS Business Support. He asked some interesting questions on object persistence and we spent some time talking and discussing on related topics. He mentioned ObjectPersistor to me. This free source code also persists objects (quite obvious from the name, right? 😉 ) in an Object/Relational Mapping way. ObjectPersistor does the mapping through attributes on classes and properties. It has some interesting code and ideas that you might want to check out. One of them is the way in which they create their own SQL statements (no stored procedures required) from a Object Query Language, which resembles OPath in a remote way.

Walther mentioned that the download page is hard to find as there seems to be no link to this page from the homepage of DotNetPark. But given the name (there’s the catch, because I didn’t know the name either), Google gave me the link as the first hit. Anyway, Walther, thanks for the link/name.

Does anyone else know this O/R mapper (if I may call it so)?

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