Victims of a Belgium virus

The past couple of days some people I know (names shall not be mentioned to protect the innocent) have become victim of a Belgium virus. I know some bloggers from Belgium may be reading this, and I hope I do not insult them. It’s just that the “average” Dutch person thinks that Belgium people are not so bright. As it turns out, this is only true for these Dutch people.

So here’s the virus. You receive an email from someone you know with the following text:

Hi, I had a virus on my computer. Because you were in my email list your computer might have become infected as well. Please check if the virus is on your computer and delete it if present. The file is called whatever.exe and will not be recognized by McAfee and Norton Anti-virus as a virus. So, after removing it, send this email to all persons in your address book.

Aah, a human version of a virus. I can’t believe people buy this kind of stuff. They will remove the file (luckily for them it was innocent and nothing really vital) and send the email onward. They have been taught that they should not trust files sent to them from known people. But they will trust weird instructions. Does that make sense?

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