Time to breathe (a little)

Three down, one (rerun) to go. It’s weekend and I have time to think and sleep again. It were some busy, but fun days.

Tuesday was the second day of the Software Developer Conference 2004, where I did my talk on SqlXml and DataSet persistence. Read more on this “generic data-layer” in previous posts here and here. There were 18 people in this talk, which surprised me a little in a positive way, since it was a talk “on an experimental topic” as Jeroen Pluimers of Oosterkamp Training described it afterwards.

The SDC was fun. Unfortunately I was so busy preparing my talks, I had no time to watch any of the other talks. I wanted to go to the talk of Leendert Versluijs on the Mono project. Didn’t make it in time, though. Sorry, Leendert. Not that I promised to be there, but he did go to my talk. He gave me a CD the day before, with a Virtual PC image on it, complete with Linux and Mono. Still have to give it a spin. Will do.

Yesterday I did my talk on Identities and Principals in The Hague for the MSDN/Technet Briefings for Microsoft.

The session room was full, 100 people present. I had never spoken in this room before, nor had I visited it. The room was filled with tables, with four seats at the back of each table. A first for me. It gave this nice and comfy feeling to me, because it had a soirée kind of look. I thought the talk went pretty well. Did any of you see it? Suggestions for the rerun in Zwolle next week?

Now I have time to spend on other things again. I will do so right now.

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