Great games to play

As Frans Bouma shows us in his post, Gran Turismo 4 looks very good. I’m not that much of a racing game fanatic, but it is very enjoyable when played on a 2 by 1 meter screen (think beamer and white wall). To do list:

  • Get out my Microsoft Precision Racing Force Feedback wheel
  • Upgrade my computer’s graphic card. (My GeForce3 64MB won’t cut it I think)
  • Wait for GT4

In the meantime, here’s how I will kill time:

Way back, I had fun racing an oldy, Colin McRae Rally 2. I thought I had some decent times on most of the circuits. Then Ivo (aka DJ Evo) came along and raced me. He crushed my times. I was left crying, he couldn’t stop laughing. Well, I had my laughs when he visited my LAN Party part 3. I owned him on Unreal Tournament 2004.

That wasn’t what made me laugh though. It was what he said to his girlfriend Anouk: “ I’ve been playing online all day, with these two guys Paul and Kim. I beat them easily, which is pretty good when playing on the Internet. I just logged out, but I’ll give you a demo right now.”. So, he fires up UT2004 again. “Look,  Paul and Kim are still here in this game.”. You figure it out how much online gaming he had been doing.

Always said I would put this noob behavior on my weblog. Well, Ivo, here you go. Sorry.

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