One talk done, three to go: SDC 2004

Today was the first day of the Software Developer Conference at Papendal, near Arnhem, The Netherlands. Loads of well-known people where there: Clemens Vasters, Michelle Leroux-Bustamente, Stephen Forte, Richard Campbell and more.

Right after lunch, I spoke with Alain “Lino“ Tadros for a while. He was doing the ObjectSpaces talk right after my session. Boy, he was so delighted that I could give him the Object Persistence Toolkit, which he couldn’t find anymore. For those of you also looking, go here. Anyway, I also showed him how to get to the Mapping Utility in the CTP bits. He said he would mention me in his talk. Boy, that would be the second one.

I did my talk “Quickstart Visual Basic .NET”, which has a huge attendance of …
3 people. Nothing that I am not used to for some of the trainings I give at Twice IT, where sometimes we have only one student (we tend to cancel a course if there is less than one student 🙂 ). So, we had a nice and cosy talk on the changes in VB.NET from VB6 and all the new stuff. The three weren’t actual VB programmers (2 occassional VBA programmers and one that hadn’t done VB at all), so all demos, simple as they were, seemed to be very impressive (but you’re not a Jedi yet) to them.

And the cool part was that Wim, one of the Microsoft Marketing guys, gave me this set of books (Designing Enterprise Applications with Microsoft Visual Basic .NET) that I could hand out to the attendees. I met Wim at the PDC, where I went as part of the Microsoft Developers Circle. Wim recently switched from Borland to Microsoft (!).
Anyway, I had three books left. Boy, if only you had been to this talk, huh! You missed a free MSPress book.

Tomorrow I will be doing the talk on SqlXml and DataSets. I hope that there will be a bit more people there.

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