And another weekend gone

Busy, busy, busy. This weekend rushed by as I was asked by Microsoft to write another article for their .NET Magazine. I spent the better part of Friday, Saturday and Sunday writing “Identities and Principals”. Send it in this morning. Expect to see that in issue #5. Should be out any moment now.

Luckily I did not spend all my time writing. I worked in my garden Friday, because it needed some weed-control. I should have taken before and after pictures, because it made quite the difference. Saturday was shopping time. Bought “Jimmy Neutron” and “The Matrix: Revolutions”. As we don’t have Nickelodeon I was unfamiliar with Jimmy. I met him in Universal Studios in Orlando, though. The movie is absolutely sweet. I can recommend this movie. Pick up the DVD at E-Plaza for a mere €7.00 (I got it there). Yesterday evening I watched Revolutions with my neighbor Rob. I thought I deserved that after all the writing I did.

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