Almost kicked the habit (but didn’t want to)

We’re back. You might have been wondering why it was so silent on my blog the last couple of days. Or you might not. Nicole and I were away for a short vacation in Orlando, Florida from the 1st of April till the 9th. It might be a while before I get to take a overseas vacation again because of the release of project “Witnie”. Before leaving time went by so fast I didn’t have time to put up something on my blog. I only got to post on the rumored skipping of ObjectSpaces, which gave a lot of comments (measured in Alex’s blog terms that is). It would have been a great April Fools’ day joke (you were the only one on guard here, Frans), but unfortunately it turned out to be more of a fact than a rumor.

In Orlando there was not even an Internet cafe or something alike to be found. The only spot where I could get my shot of webroine was in the hotel next door. And the rate on that was so drastic that I onlu decided to quickly check for certain important mails and on my weblog. Besides, I had so much fun in the parks (more on that tomorrow), that I didn’t even have the need to do any websurfing during our week in Florida.

On our way back, we needed to transfer at Washington Dulles airport with a seven (!) hour wait in between our flights. Spoiled as we are at Schiphol airport in Amsterdam, I was looking around for the nearest Internet Cafe or Lounge. None. What?! At an international airport there must surely be something related to connecting to the Internet. I know Stephen Forte could get free access over at Charles de Gaulle. Even with Net Stumbler nothing shows up here. After a long search there turned out to be two Internet Kiosks, which were nothing but stupid terminals that gave you access at a whopping $7.50 for a mere ten minutes. One of them not even functioning. I guess I can go for another 48 hours without surfing the net.

Well, luckily I found a power socket I could use at my gate. My Dell laptop has the worst battery time ever. After a small hour the battery goes dead on me. I’m not sure why that is. The laptop itself gets hot as hell during operation. That might explain it. I could get a solid 4 hours on a single cell in my old Compaq Armada E500, and I swapped the floppy drive for a second one. Imagine running a full day without recharging and now having to live next to a power socket. Sigh.

Back at my place it took me a good three hours to read up on my emails (69 of which 30 junk), RSS subscriptions and newsgroups, including all the sidetracking to various off-topic links. In the end I feel I did not miss out on anything big. But hey, it’s only been a week. The things that happened during one week of Internet absence:

  • DOM Level 3 has arrived (through Paul Gielens’ blog)
  • Andrew Conrad has started writing more on ObjectSpaces. Allright! A Microsoft insider. He has been posting a lot on microsoft.public.objectspaces in the past few days. Looks like most of the things we ran into with the PDC bits were known issues (although not listed as such).
    From the newsgroup:
    • ObjectMapping objects are threadsafe and can be cached. Create these at startup of your ASP.NET application.
    • The Exists OPath operator should be in the CTP bits.
    • The new CTP paths (not OPath) thingies that I was unable to figure out turn out to be a way to map multiple relations from one object to another object (such as Customer to billing address and shipping address).
    • ObjectSpaces version 1.0 will work with SQL Server 2000 and 2005 (Yukon).
    • My posting on the skipping of ObjectSpaces from the .NET Framework 2.0 release sure stirred up a lot of discussion. Frans Bouma (now MVP) even spent quite a few words on this.
    • If you missed the information presented already by Jimmy Nilsson and Domagoj in the comments of the same post:
      “ObjectSpaces is not participating in Whidbey beta 1, however, it remains part of the Whidbey/Yukon wave and will be made available as a downloadable add-on pack for the .NET Framework Whidbey shortly after Whidbey ships. This additional development and stabilization period will be focused on improving the overall ObjectSpaces programming experience and providing tighter integration with WinFS, the next generation file system in Longhorn. The schedule for the ObjectSpaces mapping tool is also being adjusted accordingly.”
      I sure wonder what the integration with WinFS is going to bring. Any takers?
  • The MVP Summit 2004 has come and gone. Loads of people blogged about it and lots of MVPers where there (obviously, duh).

You see, I almost did it. Nearly made it. But I didn’t have the need to shake my habit of checking mail, news et cetera on every possible occasion. I even took my laptop with me on vacation, but only used it to watch some movies during the de-jetlagging process. Almost. So close.

Now, the monkey is back. It feels good.

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