No updates of ObjectSpaces in Community Previews

If you watched the ADO.NET ObjectSpaces webcast on MSDN (you should be able to see a recording there in a few days), you may have noticed that the slidedeck was largely the same as the one used at the PDC (DAT410). I was only able to catch the last 30 minutes of the webcast, because I had to go to the waterpolo training of the two ladies teams that I train and coach. This also meant that I did not see any of the demos, but I guess these are the same as well. Comment me if I’m wrong.

Nevertheless, I made it just in time to ask my question at the end regarding the Community Previews:

Will the Community Previews of Visual Studio 2005 that are handed out at VSLive! and supposedly available to download for MSDN Subscribers contain a newer build of ADO.NET ObjectSpaces?

According to Dinesh Kulkarni, Program Manager and presenter of the webcast, the answer is “No“, because they are a little behind on schedule compared to the large schedule that is set out for the beta release of Whidbey. Nothing they cannot make up in time. The newer bits will not make it into the Community Previews, however.

Guess we’ll have to wait for beta1 then.

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