Some webthingies

During my Visual InterDev (Yes, back to good ol’ VS 6.0) course this week I have some time left to do browsing. One nice site that I found is through Peter Provost’s Geek Noise blog. Go check out World66 and create amazing pictures like this one:

On the site you can select the countries that you visited. Mine are shown in red. And I thought I did some travelling.

Also, I installed the MSN Toolbar to give it a try. It looks better than the Google toolbar, and it has this nice Highlight Viewer, shown here:

It shows you a small version of the page and will highlight any matches in small blocks. The red rectangle is draggable/scrollable, so you can quickly go to the relevant areas. It does have a will of its own on some occasions, but I’m willing to give it a shot. I’m giving up on more real estate in the browser area.

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