Return of Nintendo: Mario Twins

Update:I discovered that my direct link to the Mario Twins page is not working all of the time. Here is the page that links in a more official way. Just click on “Watch this movie“.

One of my clan pals (Remco van Dalen aka Gunter aka Divinity) showed me this funny Flash movie of the Mario Twins. Today we watched it again. Warning: only watch this movie if you laugh your tops of with remarks like: “It’s called Mario Twins. They look the same. They look so much like the same person, that if I say to them: ‘Do you want ice creams?’, both of them would say ‘yes’.“

Before you watch it, you should know that the visuals were made to match the music that you hear (including all the voice-sounds). There’s even a CD you can buy with more of those songs. That knowledge makes it even more hilarious.

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