Last thursday mega-training day

Note: if you are looking for the source code of the Whidbey blogging application, scroll to the end of this entry.

We just couldn’t have picked a better worse day. Totalling up to a whopping 750 kilometers of traffic jam in The Netherlands (because of some snow), it was a well deserved second place of the all time record traffic jams.

About half the people showed up for the Twice IT training on building a blogging application using Visual Studio .NET Whidbey. 136 people had signed up, 70 of them showed up (still by far the largest crowd that I ever tought). I can’t blame the ones that did not go. It took me almost 3 hours to get to Utrecht, where I would normally drive the distance in under half an hour. So, obviously I was late. Very late. I showed up at 10.30, which should have been 9.30. Thankfully, Jeroen made it on time and had started only five minutes before I arrived. Jeroen did extremely well, BTW.

Lots of people in the room, but where are the trainers?

Jeroen and I showed the basics of weblogging, only touched the architecture of our blogging application and did most of the theory on ADO.NET ObjectSpaces and a little on ASP.NET Whidbey. Most of the application was built live before the audience. During the coding, the other trainer would tell more on how and why everything was built the way it was.

“No really, Jeroen. I’m not cheating here.”

Because of time restrictions we did prepare to cheat a little on the coding. We did indeed use some of the code snippets and pre-cooked webforms (just the controls) to built the application a bit quicker.

The result was a working prototype to add entries to your own blog. The blog is personalisable and uses membership management for the owners of the blogs. It has a HttpModule that allows you to have a url such as This was lifted from my Killer-Blog implementation.

You can download the source code below. Installation instructions are included. Remember that this is just the beginning of a fully functional blog application. It misses several critical aspects of a blog (categories, rss feed and statistics) and is by no means bugfree. It does demonstrate some of the new aspects of ASP.NET Whidbey and ObjectSpaces. Take it as a starting point. Enjoy. Feedback welcome.

Twice (167.24 KB)

Twice Blogging Application.ppt (2.09 MB)

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