All your base are belong to us

We (Jeroen Hartsuiker and I) took a five minute break (well, actually it turned out to be more than five minutes) from preparing our presentation for tomorrow, because I had to call a customer of Twice IT.

In the meantime Jeroen went to surf for .NET wisdom on the Internet and found this incredible site. There you can read all about the origin of the famous sentence “All your base are belong to us” including sights and sounds. Especially the Flash movie is pretty cool. This is also used in many other versions, such as “All your code…“  and “files“ as a message in an early Windows virus (which one was it again? Let me know).

Also, one of the other sentences is “Someone set up us the bomb”, which is used on many CounterStrike servers, when a terrorist places the bomb on the bombspot.

What the hell do they mean with “You have no chance to survive make your time”? Bet they fired the guy/girl who translated the original text.

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