Thursday blog application day

This thursday (February 26th) Jeroen Hartsuiker (a colleague of mine) and myself will be hosting the free one-day training for Twice IT Training. During that day we explain a lot about blogging applications and the .NET Framework Whidbey. We will do essentially one large demo of live programming. At the end of the day we should have a working version of a blog application. It won’t have all features of a real blog application. Hey, what do you expect to build in a day, consisting of 4 large hours, during which we also cover a lot of theory.

To prepare for the day, I am now reinstalling a Virtual PC image with Windows XP and Visual Studio.NET Whidbey. I did have some issues when I installed VS.NET before I had installed IIS 5.1. When I ran aspnet_regiis.exe most of ASP.NET worked. However, I was unable to run any http handlers that are registered by default. This was very unhandy for the WebResource.axd handler, because a lot of the Whidbey controls (such as the validators) use the embedded resources.

The reinstallation is now well on its way. However, before I got this far, one installation of VS.NET failed several times. I had installed Windows XP, Virtual Machine Additions and SQL Server 2000 (no SPs). This configuration made the installation of VS.NET prerequisites fail. The .NET Framework plus Visual J# redistributables would not install properly. Tried again, no SQL Server this time, and everything works like a charm.

Drop me a note if you are going to attend the Blogging Application session this thursday. Especially, if you have certain expectations for that day, I am definitely interested. Hope to hear from you.

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